Term 6 Hook Day - Investigations

Term 6 Hook Day - Investigations

This morning we have had so much fun working together to investigate.

Our first investigation was to find out which material was best for building a bridge, so that animals from the zoo can get back to their homes.

The materials we used were spaghetti, cardboard, lego and stickle bricks.

First we had to plan our bridge and then we has to build it in our teams.

Eva 'I thought the easy part was where we were sticking the spaghetti together with sellotape but the tricky part was when we had to try and put the elestic bands around the spaghetti and it kind of stayed up when we put more tape on it and the blue tack on the bottom'.

Lewis 'We don't have enough stickle bricks, can you help?'

Teacher 'What could you change to make it work?'

After having a look and thinking...

Lewis 'We can take some of the legs and make it shorter and put it on the other side'.

Super problem solving Lewis!

Albie 'We joined all the bridges together'. 'We tested the bridge to make sure it was strong'.

Georgia 'The easy part was making the ramp to walk up but the tricky part was that it kept falling down because people were being too hard with their hands'.

Our next investigation was to see what would happen if skittles are put into warm water or cold water.

The children discussed what was happening...

Anaya 'It's dissolving'!

Alfie 'The warm water is quicker'.

After watching the colours dissolve into the water, the children use spaghetti to move the colours around to see what has happened.

Callum 'It looks like the milky way'.

Alayna 'It's mixing'.

The children were fascinated by how it change.

Max turned the skittles over after all the colour had disappeared from the bottom of the skittles. I asked why he wanted to do that... Eva and Max explained that 'the colour is all gone on the bottom, so the water can now dissolve the colour on top'.

Super exploring and investigating today Purple class!

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