Executive Headteacher

Mr Andrew Wilson
Infant Head of School

Mr Ashley Barrington-Wilding

Tel: 01793 812340

Junior Head of School

Mrs Michelle Tkocz

Tel: 01793 812339

Federation SENCO
Mrs Tina Bull

Clerk to the Governing Body

Mrs Rutherford

Reception Teachers

Mrs Cleere, EYFS Leader

Mrs De Souza

Miss Briggs

Year One Teachers

Mrs Matthews

Miss Newman

Miss Simms

Year Two Teachers

Mrs Pileggi (KS1 Phase Leader) & Miss McDonagh /

Miss Plummer

Miss Roberts

Year Three Teachers

Miss Horn (Lower KS2 Phase Leader) & Mrs Preene /

Miss Taylor

Mrs Tippets

Year Four Teachers

Mrs Roberts

Mrs Cairns & Mrs Blagg /

Year Five Teachers

Miss Gardner

Miss Harrison

Mrs Jarvis

Year Six Teachers

Mrs McIntosh (Upper KS2 Phase Leader)

Miss Hitchcox

Mr Ruck

Business Manager

Mrs Such

Infants Admin Officers
Mrs Gullen

Miss Clarke

Juniors Admin Officers

Mrs Webb

Miss Clarke

Infant Office

Tel: 01793 812340

Junior Office

Tel: 01793 812339