Behaviour in school is inseparable from academic achievement, safety, welfare, well-being and all other aspects of learning. It is key to all other aims and is crucial.

When behaviour improves, the impact is

  • children achieve more academically and socially
  • time is used for quality learning
  • children and staff are happier

At Wroughton Primary Federation, we believe that human behaviour is complex and it is our role to guide and support children in deepening their understanding about this. We support children in recognising the positive consequences of their good behaviour and the impact of their actions on others. We encourage the children to see behaviour as a choice which affects oneself and the people around us. Within this, we see behaviour as being social, moral, cultural and spiritual. It is intrinsic to personal growth and well being and an essential part of great learning.

It is this belief that has led the school to introduce our 'Behaviour Culture'.

We believe that positive, polite, caring and respectful behaviour should be the norm and is embedded as 'the way we do things around here'. Behaviour Culture is not imposed but discussed and agreed by children and adults in the school and then communicated and practiced until it becomes automatic. Children behaving according to the agreed norms are the role models for other children. Expecting high standards of good behaviour and being consistent in this is beneficial to children as it leads to fairness. If children are clear about the behaviour expectations, it becomes intrinsic which allows them to focus more on learning, enjoyment and personal development.

Children can learn to improve their behaviour. Mistakes are part of the learning process. We don’t make a judgement about it – instead we support our children to get it right. All adults can learn strategies to support children and young people to improve their behaviour. As adults, we have developed ways of responding to children’s behaviour using a combination of personal and professional experiences, training and knowledge of the individual child and their context . At the Wroughton Primary Federation we encourage all staff to reflect on what may be the underlying issues that drive or trigger behaviour in children, and to think about ways of responding to challenging behaviour in a non-judgmental and supportive way.

Do it, Use it, Own it

We use the language of Do it, Use it, Own it as part of our Behaviour Culture. When children 'do it', they show us that they know the behaviour culture but may need reminding and some extra practice at times. Children displaying 'use it' understand the behaviour culture and expectations and adhere to them independently and consistently. When a child 'owns it', they not only understand but value and support the behaviour culture of the school and are a consistent role model to others.




We value and reward good behaviour in a variety of ways. Genuine, specific and personalised praise is incredibly powerful for children, and along with non verbal cues, we use this to encourage and value appropriate behaviour choices. In addition, we have a system of rewards which our School Councils and children have chosen together. These celebrate all aspects of positive behaviour and include:

  • Golden Book (Infants)
  • Certificates and awards
  • Pride postcards / communication with home
  • VIP Star of the Day (Juniors)
  • Own it Stars (Juniors)
  • Behaviour Bank (Infants)
  • Stickers/House Points
  • Learning Champions
  • Marble time (Early Years)




Bucket filling! (Juniors)

We frequently use the idea of bucket filling with the children. The concept is simple: all people carry an invisible bucket around with them. Positive thoughts and experiences, good deeds and kindness all help to fill a person's bucket. If you are kind and helpful to others and treat them with respect, it fills their bucket but also yours as well because doing good makes you feel good. Conversely, behaving badly towards others 'dips' into their bucket but also yours too, so both sides suffer. So the message is clear, to make all our lives better and happier, we try to fill buckets!

Consequence Ladder

Our consequence ladder is used to give staff a framework which ensures a consistent and fair approach to behaviour is delivered by all. Staff worked closely with the School Council to develop this child friendly document which is used throughout the school.



Further information can be found in our Behaviour Policy.

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