PGL Summer 2021

Osmington Bay, PGL - 2021

Thursday brought us more sunshine and adventures. Some of us woke very early and were ready for breakfast in record time, others had a more leisurely start. After the option of a cooked breakfast, cereal, fruit or toast we headed off for our first two activities- we did trapeze, abseiling, rifle shooting or orienteering. After a hearty pasta lunch, we jumped on a coach and headed to Portland for our raft building. Based in the Olympic sailing center, we built our vessels and set upon the water- it was rather chilly, but everyone had a great time! Splashing and jumping in was optional; having fun was not. Parents- there are some very wet clothes coming home!

After getting dried and warm, we headed back to PGL for showers and dinner. The children are currently travelling 'Around the World' looking for clues to some country based questions, hopefully tiring themselves out for bedtime.

Tomorrow we complete the two activities we have not completed yet, have lunch and then head back to school on the coach. We will text parents to let you know when we are about half an hour from school. The children have had a brilliant time but are looking forward to coming home.


We arrived at a very sunny Dorset coast after a long drive. The children we exceptionally well behaved on the coach but couldn't wait to get started. After a quick lunch break, it was straight into activities. This afternoon our children experienced The Giant Swing, which had rave reviews, abseiling, in which every child should be proud of how they challenged themselves and archery- it's a lot harder than it looks! A filling dinner was had by all, some vegetables were even consumed...

As I write this, the children are gathered around a campfire, singing songs and having a great time! Fingers crossed for more beautiful sunshine tomorrow where we take on the challenge of raft building- wish us luck!!